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Friday, September 7, 2007

Scrap Box Quilting

A couple of months ago, I promised our grand-daughter, JanaLyn, a doll quilt for her new Cabbage Patch Baby, Sylvia. In the back of my mind, I had the idea of creating a little quilt with scraps from all the blankies I've made for this grand-daughter. In the mean time, I also needed a gift for a great-niece's birthday party -- Mabry will be two years old and loves baby dolls and pink/girly colors -- which meant I could make pink/girly doll quilt. With those two projects in mind, I pulled out my box of fabric scraps.

As you can see, the scrap box is not neat and tidy -- it's a tumble/tangle of quilting debris. Quilting/sewing bits and pieces from not only my projects but also a portion of the scraps are from my friend Linda. You see, quilters can't throw away fabric -- no matter how small the pieces are -- if we don't have room for it, or in Linda's case, don't want to move it half-way across the nation -- we pass it on to another quilter. Keeping (or passing on) all those snips of fabric may not make sense to many people, but trust me on this, quilters will understand this obsession with fabric.

I began my doll quilt projects by digging through the fabric scraps -- finding colors and prints that went well together. Soon a plan for both quilts began to percolate in my head and the cutting/sewing commenced. A tiny doll quilt for Mabry was first to be stitched -- in soft girly colors and prints.

Then JanaLyn's blankie for her baby doll came together with some of her favorite prints and colors -- mainly hot pink and Strawberry Shortcake.

For most of an entire day -- I cut, sewed, and quilted -- finishing these two quilts for two special little girls. A very satisfying day's labor.

Of course if you look closely at the pictures, you can see my Sonic cup, ( filled with Diet Vanilla Coke -- easy ice, thank you very much !) and a few dark chocolate M&M's.

Quilting always goes better with some caffeine and chocolate !!

P.S. Pictures of the finished quilts next week