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Thursday, September 6, 2007


After consulting the dictionary -- here are a few words defining the word 'Whimsy' (hwĭm'zē, wĭm'-) odd -- quaint -- fanciful

With that written down, I must confess that I have many whimsical/odd/quaint/fanciful forms of 'garden art' in my flower beds. Collecting and displaying my 'art' is an addiction I know, but I'm not to blame. I truly believe I inherited my fondness for 'garden art' my parents.

You see, Mom & Daddy (and the rest of the family) were never content to have the garden filled with just shrubs or flowers -- the yard also required a little added 'something' -- things such as a plastic hen and chicks, a whirly-gig, large metal insects of all sorts and even a large stone in the shape of a pig !

This 'garden art' disease is in my genes and I can't help it. My poor husband just shakes his head and goes about his business because he knows that if I don't buy the 'art' myself, my family will 'gift' to me !! They are 'enablers' and they have no shame and neither do I because I love all those 'garden arty' pretties that I receive -- please see just below for a small sample of my 'garden art' whimsies

This little frog is a a personal favorite of mine - a couple of years he had a horrible accident with a weed-eater; but, with a little careful placement of mulch, he can still look whimsical and aloof all at the same time !!