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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sewing for frogs . . . .

I've made many quilts in my life.

Most of those quilt have been on smallish side --


baby quilts

doll quilts

I've even made a very small flannel 'blankie' for a stuffed bear --

but, until this past week, I had never made a quilt for a frog.

That's right --
that's what I wrote --
a frog!

This all started last week, when our little guy was very sick and I volunteered to stay with him one day. The night before, I remembered that Joe had asked me to make him a larger frog to go with the frog (named 'Croak') I had made for Joe a few weeks ago. You see, Croak needed a 'Mama Frog'. After some enlarging and tweaking of the pattern --

Joe had a Mama Frog for his little frog, Croak -
Now this bigger frog is a good Mama to Croak -- and also, nice company for a little sick boy.

When Joe felt better, he talked to me on the phone and said that his Frogs needed a blankie to keep warm. This meant that the 'frog blankie' construction should commence. Froggy flannel was found in my fabric stash; but the fabric also had pink flowers too (and, according to Joe, pink is for girls) -- after some careful 'fussy cutting' -- I had some blocks with frogs (minus the offending pink flowers) and coordinating blocks of pale green flannel. After about 20 minutes of sewing, snipping

and some finishing touches.

and a Froggy Blankie was completed and send by US Mail the next day to the Joe and frogs. He phoned me to say thank you for his 'froggie blankie' -- it keeps Croak nice and warm.
But, then Joe informed me that Mama Frog needs a little bigger blankie for her very own! I'll be going through my stash tonight, in search for appropriate 'Mama Frog blankie' fabric.
I know he is spoiled --
but what are MoMo's for anyway !!