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Monday, September 24, 2007

'Sewing' a lovely weekend

What a lovely weekend and it started with Friday night -- Hubby and I had dinner out (no slaving in the kitchen - thank you very much Willie Jay !). And, Saturday -- all day Saturday and most of Sunday -- my sewing machine and I had some quality time together!

The above picture shows the first two rows of a 'Biscuit Quilt' for our 4th little grand-daughter, scheduled to arrive in December. I've made one of these quilts for each of my grandchildren and although they're not difficult -- they are very 'fiddley'. I'm thinking of posting a tutorial (along with pictures) when this bold-bright-colored quilt is finished. Who knows there might be someone out there in cyberspace who is dying to make their own 'Biscuit Quilt' ! You never know.

I also finally broke the seal on my Moda Allspice Charm Pack -- here it is, all laid out on my living room floor.

I played with the placements of the blocks for over an hour (under the watchful supervision of both cats) -- this is close what the finished piecing looks like -- now all I need to do is add borders and it will be well on the way to becoming a warm baby quilt for Baby Laney.