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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Green - Pink -- and Girly

Excuse this 'wonky' shot -- as you can see, it's a 'running down the road at 60 mph' photo of the winter wheat in a field along the H.E. Bailey Turnpike between OKC and Chickasha. Just something to keep me amused on long car drives -- and besides I couldn't resist the new-green of the wheat -- it never fails to make me smile. I've always thought green was the color hope. It makes sense to me -- you know -- new growth/life and all that.

And, winter wheat here in Oklahoma stays green through the fall and winter -- you can even see green shoots peeking through the snow in January -- which I assure you is a very welcome sight in the dead of winter.

But, back to the reason for my road trip this past weekend -- a baby shower, in Duncan, OK, for my daughter hosted by her college room-mates. We all got together to enjoy a brunch of french toast, mini-quiches, fresh fruit and to 'make over' lots of pink baby things.

A good 'girly' time was had by all !!
P.S. Notice the pink OU jacket - that made the Daddy very happy