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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I have it bad . . . . .

I have a bad case of -- 'envy'
It started a few weeks ago when I drove by a house in our neighborhood and saw this --

Just look at that flowering vine (I think it's a Mandevilla Vine) --

The scent of those flowers drifts out into the street and into my car, filling my senses.

I look at all this beauty and wonder where I went wrong at my house?

Does the owner have some special fertilizer concoction that she brews in her greenhouse in the backyard?

Yes, she has her own greenhouse !!!

Also, notice the huge pots of begonias lining the flowerbeds -- begonias don't grown that big here in Oklahoma. How does she do it ???

I know it's very pretty -- but, personally I think this woman has some sort of pact with the 'gardening gods' -- this isn't natural !

I don't even know this woman, but do know that I covet her gardening abilities.

Did I also mention that she walks the entire perimeter of our neighborhood each morning and evening??

She's also a 'health-nut' !

I may need therapy to resolve all the issues I have with this woman !!