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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Morning Drive . . . .

My plan this morning was to post a witty little entry about my morning drive.
About the sights along the way, such as this -- a bird convention ? bird formation practice?
I have no idea -- but, the only birds sitting on the wires in our entire neighborhood were at this intersection. Weird I know -- but, no half as weird as a 50's woman jumping out of her vehicle to get a picture of those birds !!
And, I also wanted to post about how this sight brings a lift to my spirits every time I see it -- especially when the sun shining and wind has it waving so majestically.

I'm sure these pictures would have be accompanied by thoughts that would be witty, profound and flat-dab brilliant.

But, it wasn't meant to be this morning -- after attempting to post since 8:00 AM this morning and getting the same 'error' message from the demon that is the Internet -- and now, at my lunch hour, it seems that all of the witty/brilliant thoughts that were to be -- are now past their expiration date.

Whatever -- the pictures are posted and the entry is adequate -- not excellent mind you -- just adequate.

Perhaps I need to look into getting one of those little recorder thingies to dictate my thoughts and not rely on the demon Internet or my memory !