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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Transitioning . . . . .

The days are getting shorter and the nights are definitely cooler -- you might even say the mornings are -- crisp.
Therefore the transition has begun.
The tender potted plants by the front door are now installed inside -- having to 'make do' with sunlight filtered through window panes until next spring. They are also providing the cats interesting smells and places to hide.
The evening meals in our house are a little heartier -- I'm preparing more soup, chili and meaty pasta sauces and making many loaves of quick breads and pans of cornbread.
The new fall season for television is off and running -- and, in some cases, a few shows need to run away ! (And by the way, Mr/Mrs Network Executives -- Just how long will we have to wait for new episodes of 'Lost' and '24" ??? )
Afghans and throws have been moved from the back of the sofa to actual use -- warming chilled legs and arms.
And, my favorite 'transition' -- packing away the cotton pajamas for my much loved flannels.
My outfit of choice for after work -- it feels so good to get out of the everyday-grown-up-working-clothes and slip into soft well-worn flannel pajamas. There may be 'comfort food' -- but, for me -- my flannels are truly 'comfort clothes' In fact, if I could convince our senior partners -- our office would have a 'Pajama Day' at work at least once a week.
I think it vastly improve everyone's mood and would help us all with this Autumn 'transition' -- don't you ???