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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pumpkins - Patchwork Trees - Zoom !!

The current picture on my PC desktop -- just love pumpkins.

I consider them the official symbol of Autumn.
Right up there with Witches, Black Cats and Crows.

The changing colors of fall this year is a little 'spotty' -- see below. They almost could be called 'Patchwork Fall Trees"

If you are driving in the far western side of the OKC metro area -- look out for this motorcycle dude. He likes to zoom between two vehicles while they are both going 50 mph -- which almost induces a heart attack for both drivers of said vehicles. After catching my breath, I chased him down trying to get his license number or get close enough to jump out and give him a thump on the side of the head and ask him if his Mother knew he was driving like a idiot ??!!! This is the best I could do from two lanes away as the turn lane light went green.

Now, I will go back to the top of this post and gaze at the pumpkins and try not to dream about getting even with the 'motorcycle dude' !