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Friday, November 2, 2007

A little TV -- a little sewing

Last night -- with Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy keeping me company -- I puttered around in my sewing corner and this is what happened --

A rummage through my 'scrap bag' rewarded me with some pretty fabric -- then I did did some cutting -- some piecing -- a little stitching -- and, made these.

I sat back and admired the 'girly' burp cloths -- ( Which are really just pre-folded diapers with fabric sewn down the middle, but so cute ! )
I was on such a roll that I then moved on to these --
PJ pants for Joe -- made out cotton material I had on hand -- and, are mainly just to see how this pattern fits -- but, I still like them and think he will too.
Now, I just wonder what I can get done this weekend with my sewing machine and my little television. Lots of good old movies are on this weekend and then there's always the Food Network !!!