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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We are all busy --

busy with work -- deadlines, contracts, phone calls, rush hour traffic

busy with family -- laundry, car-pooling, supervising homework

busy with life -- staying connected to friends/family, volunteer work, processing the evening news

Busy is a big part of our lives --yet, sometimes the 'busy' is a relaxing kind of busy. Busy hands at work again after a long Monday dealing with all the other 'busy' in our lives --

Nancy's busy hands --
working on a colorful shawl and telling us a hilarious story about fabric shopping with her son for a quilt for her first grandchild. The story just proves that we all look at things in a different way. And, we Stitcher Gals can't wait to see the quilt designed by Mom/Son for this very special baby girl due in February.

Jane's busy hands --
knitting an OSU orange hat for a great-nephew. She and this slippery yarn have had some 'issues' early on -- but Jane assures me that it's smooth knitting now. Love her Adi-Turbo needles (really I covet them and her hat-knitting ability!).

Sherrie's busy hands --
working her magic on another family baby blankie. All those lovely delicate stitches are creating an heirloom and I sure it will be treasured for years to come. I am in awe of her knitting ability and she's our 'knitting guru' when we have hopelessly messed up our knitting projects.

My busy hands ??
Snipping & clipping on this Kermie Blankie for my Joe-Joe Bean. Stitched with fabric he choose himself. I think one of the greatest joys in life is spending time with your grandchildren -- and, seeing a fabric store through the eyes of a 4-year old was an adventure for both MoMo and Joe. I finished the blankie last night and it's ready to be wrapped for Christmas.

O' -- and I forgot to also say that our jaws were busy too --
chatting and laughing as we shared our stories with each other over busy hands.