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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shots - Buggies - Puppies - Drumming

Yesterday evening, Joe-Joe came to stay at MoMo & Papa Bill's while Mommy & Daddy attended a Parent/Teacher conference and much fun was had by all.
Joe went along with MoMo as she got her flu shot (sorry no pictures -- thought that would be carrying the whole 'blog' thing just a little too far and probably freak people out). He was very interested in the fact that someone else was getting a shot and watched every step of the process. And, when it was over -- Joe got a sucker for being there to hold MoMo's hand !
Later we watched Joe's current favorite movie (the 'Puppy Movie' according to Joe) in MoMo's bedroom -- the original 101 Dalmations, which I think is so much better than that other movie with Glen Close -- just too 'campy' for me and Joe.

While we watched the movie - we enjoyed some Chicken McNuggets and played with some buggies. As you can see, both of the buggies wanted to share Joe's Happy Meal.

But, the most fun of the evening was when Joe and Papa Bill played the drums.

It was loud -- but, it was so much fun watching a little guy having a blast !