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Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's almost time . . . . .

It's November 8th and it's almost time --
for baking cookies.
Every year for probably the past 20 years, I've spent weekends in November baking dozens of cookies and storing them in my freezer for the holidays.
Some are the old favorites: Snickerdoodles, Dishpan Cookies (more about these later), and of course, Gingerbread Boys -- and Girls, and Bells, and Stars, and whatever new cookie cutter I have -- cut-out cookies are so much fun !!
Most of my cookie recipes come from just one cookbook -- The Southern Living Cookbook as shown above. And, if the cookies recipes (and lots of other recipes) are not actually printed in this book -- the book is used to store my loose recipes. Don't you just love my filing system ??!!

This cookbook may not be the prettiest book on my shelf -- the binding shows a lot of wear & tear -- the pages are splattered and stained -- there are a lot of memories in this book.
So, this weekend -- my 'book' and I will begin the cookie baking.
I think maybe my first batch of cookies might be - - - - Snickerdoodles
or maybe Chocolate-Chocolate Chip ---
or Oatmeal.
Now where did I put my 'lucky cookie-baking apron' ???