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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Change in the plan . . . .

I had plans for last night . . . .
After dinner was over (left-over minestrone from the weekend) -- I was going to sit myself down in my little sewing corner and work on a knitting tote bag for myself. I had the basic idea in my head -- using some pieces blocks I've had for at least 4 years along with some bright/cheerful fabric for lining.
But, sometimes your plans have to change . . . .
This is what I found when walked out of my office.

The seal on my tire had failed. I called Willie Jay and after we both agreed that 28 degrees was much too cold for a cardiac patient to change a tire -- we placed a call to 'Mr. Rescue' -- 20 minutes later my tire was changed to the little 'donut' tire and I was up and running again. (By the way, we would have never found the tire -- it's located under my PT Cruiser!)

Hubby offered to buy me dinner and when we finally made it home -- I decided to postpone the tote bag for another evening and work on finishing some of the UFO's that are lurking in my knitting bag. This shawl only lacked some fringe and that was accomplished in 45 minutes while watching 'House' with Willie Jay and the cats (the cats really prefer watching the Discovery Channel but you know without thumbs, its sort of hard to use a remote control -- so they watch what their staff watches).
I'm happy with my little shawl -- made for me -- and it matches the bedroom.

Just right for a chilly evening -- to keep me warm while I want to watch something on the bedroom TV, like The Complete Jane Austen on PBS while Hubby is watching How Things Are Made. I'm telling you having more than one TV in our house, makes for a happier relationship -- there's just so many episodes of Over-Hauling that I can watch.
There are more UFO's in the bag waiting to be completed and hopefully that will happen over the next few weeks -- -- unless my 'plans' are changed !