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Thursday, January 24, 2008

An Oasis in the middle of the week . . .

Our church opens it's doors every Wednesday night with a program called: Oasis. At 5:30pm, a family have a nice 'sit down' meal for $15 ($5 for individuals) and and after the meal there are activities or 'Options' for the entire family + childcare for the little ones. The program is meant to be an 'Oasis' in the middle of the week for busy families - a place to come for a meal and fellowship.
Some of the 'Oasis Options' are: Christ & Culture Series, Prayer Journaling, Bible Study, and this winter session we are also offering a Game Room filled board games, cards, & puzzles.

In the Game Room, Scrabble was a hit -- one of our members failed to tell anyone that he is a 'Master' Scrabbleman. He totally blew the other players out of the water and I really think he was holding back a little. The other players are coming back next week for a rematch (I think they are going to be reading dictionaries prior to the next match!).

We also had two teams working on similar jig-saw puzzles in a timed event -- there were many busy hands sorting and placing little puzzle pieces in just the right spot. The winning team finished in under 30 minutes to much cheering as the remaining team concided defeat. There will be a re-match I'm sure.

In the gym, another Option was offered -- one that involved safety glasses & glass cutters. 14 members are exploring the fine art of stained glass. Wish my camera could have captured all the colors that were on the tables and in frames all over the room -- it was amazing.

Lots of people stopping by our little 'Oasis' to be refreshed by through fun, fellowship and faith.