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Friday, January 25, 2008

Reading - Knitting - Watching

Last night our temps were in the low 20's, with light sleet/freezing rain expected. A very good evening for -- reading - knitting - watching (TV that is -- unless you like watching two spoiled cats sleep - there's not much else to watch around our little homestead).

The reading is John Grisham's latest book: Playing for Pizza. I've always enjoyed his 'attorney-against-the-world' books -- but, the Grisham books that I treasure most are the ones without any lawyers at all ( The Painted House and Skipping Christmas are both favorites of mine). And, this book is not disappointing me at all -- it's about so much more than football in Italy !
The knitting is a prayer shawl that has laid in my knitting bag for far too long. It's a simple garter stitch that is mindless enough to be soothing after a hectic day at the office -- but with the changes in colors/textures of yarn, is also entertaining too.
The watching was mainly whatever was on HGTV -- it's so much fun watching other people deal with re-modeling while I sit in my nice and tidy living room -- makes me feel smug and doesn't in any way entice me to get out any paint color-chips !!!
I expect to repeat the three above verbs this weekend -- with maybe a few more thrown in -- such as:
sewing -- cooking -- cleaning (how do you think the living room becomes tidy ??)