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Monday, January 7, 2008

Goats . . Pretty Lights . . Firewood

Miscellaneous pictures -- these were in line to be posted last week but the @#$@%@#$ error code and @#@#$^%^^ memory card-reader were not 'playing nice together' ! After a stern talking to both parties - they are now doing very well together.

Picture #1
Probably one of the most unusual Christmas gifts I've ever seen -- a baby goat given my great- niece, Averie. It is a boy goat and his name is 'Billy Bob' -- I think he is a little bit depressed due to the pink collar and matching lead (not shown). His new owner adores him and would have him sleep in the house if possible -- I predict this little goat will be very spoiled in the coming year.

Picture #2
Trying to capture a picture of how pretty the lights were on our crepe myrtles this year -- I also managed to get a mirrored picture of the wreath on our front door. Pretty cool -- sort of an 'arty shot' -- I think I will title it " Inside/Out'

Picture #3
What the 2007 Ice Storm left behind -- piles and piles of wood -- everywhere. Pity we don't have a wood-burning fireplace !