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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Her first Stitchers Meeting

Baby Laney (along with Mommy and big brother, Joe) attended a Stitchers meeting this past Monday night. For this special occasion -- Laney had her Mommy get her all dressed up for the Stitcher Gals.
The members prepared a very tasty meal for their visitors: Hot Chicken Salad, rolls, jello salad, fresh fruit and chocolate cake. And, after the meal there were lots of presents for Laney and even a couple for big brother Joe.
For two hours, Laney was admired, kisses and cuddled by all -- as you can see by the two pictures below. the cuddling flat wore her out !!

But, that was certainly fine with my Stitching Friends -- they know from experience that there's nothing better in the world than holding a sleeping baby!!