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Monday, January 28, 2008

Let them bake cake . . . . .

How do you entertain a 4 year old on a Saturday afternoon ???
Why you let them choose a cake mix & frosting at your local market -
and, then you break some eggs.

Of course that's after your wash your hands and put on an apron -- at which point the 4 year old informs you that he really needs a 'boy' apron with lots of pockets for his Ninja Turtles!

Next we measured and mixed and scraped down the sides of the mixing bowl -- little hands seem to be very good at this task.

Then the batter was poured into the pans and popped in the oven -- at which point the 'bowl licking' began. As you can see - Joe took his job as 'chief bowl cleaner-upper' very seriously.

In a little while the cakes were baked and cooled -- and that meant it was time for the frosting !! -- and MoMo, "Did you know that frosting spreaders look like pirate knives !!"

And, finally the 'taste-testing' could begin !!

The little 'baker' pronounced the cake -- very yummy !!