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Monday, January 14, 2008

It's messy . . . .

I've said it before and I'll say it again - - - creativity is messy !!!
Just observe my little sewing/crafting corner --
In the past couple of months, more and more projects that were in line to be finished -- were abandoned as my timelines got tighter and tighter. They all seemed to land on this very messy mountain of creativity. In order to start the creating process again -- a serious cleaning was needed.
And, two hours later -- TA DA !!!!
So pretty
So organized
So ready to begin creating again.
But, then I was too tired and besides I still had this to deal with - - - -

Two tote bags to sort through and fabric bins to tidy up. O' well -- that chore will be for another time. One thing I did do was load my new large tote bag (Thank you very much Willie Jay) with supplies for Stitchers tonight. Jane and I are going to work on something new tonight -- a quick/easy sewing project. If it is indeed quick/easy, I'll share tomorrow -- or you may have to read all about how our project wasn't so quick/easy. Either way -- Jane and I will have a good time.