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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We Stitchers are tough . . .

Last night, due to some complications of our remodeling, the church had no heat and no water. But, Stitchers met away -- we were determined. We wandered around the church until we found a room that was sort of warm (south facing with lots of windows) and got about our business of 'stitching/talking/laughing' ! And, of course there were many projects to work on and admire:
Carol was sewing the binding on an amazing and tiny Amish Quilt. She got a book of little quilt patterns for Christmas and is already putting it to good use.

Jane knitted a sweater for her poodle, Ruby. This is her first attempt at knitting a doggy sweater and I think it's very nice and stylish. Jane and I both agreed that it would look so much better with Ruby modeling it - but, then we would have a hard time taking a picture of a wiggling little dog !

Jane & I worked on a Ragg Scarf - which we are pretty much making up as we go along. It should be a fun and warm scarf for some little girl (or little older 'girl' if we really like it a lot).

It was a great meeting and I'm sure before our church remodeling is done - we will have more challenges -- but, we can always find a place to have a good time 'stitching' !