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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day Dreaming

I've been in more of a 'dreaming' mood instead of a 'doing' mood with my crafting/sewing/quilting lately -- for now, I'm just content to be dreaming about what I would create -- if I had the time.

A couple of my 'day dream' quilts --
A girly quilt -- I might even be tempted to go through my scrap bag and see if I have enough pink/little girl prints --
A bright Disappearing 9-Patch quilt -- made of cheerful prints and a red binding that I've fallen in love with --

I know that I have absolutely nothing in my wardrobe that this bag would match --- but, I so want to make one -- and, use those lovely floral prints. Such a sweet day dream !!

And, I also have my knitting 'day dreaming' -- that involves me suddenly having the knitting mojo to actually knit a hat without losing my mind or throwing a 'hissy fit'. A hat like my friend Jane finished this past week for a co-worker. Isn't it pretty with that swirly top -- she has the hat-knitting-magic !
But, sadly -- for me -- this 'day dream' will probably needs to stay a 'dream' because if I attempted this hat, it would rapidly evolve into a nightmare !!!
What's are your 'day-dreams' ??