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Friday, February 22, 2008

Day Trip

Yesterday --with freezing drizzle and wind chills in the teens -- I left the office and headed downtown on a little 'Day Trip' to attend this - - - -

and, I'm very glad I did.

Bruce Feiler has written 7 books, including 'Walking the Bible' a very popular book made into a PBS series a few years ago. He spoke for over an hour, without notes, and the audience of 800 were totally silent, hanging on every word. If you ever have the chance to hear him talk about the Holy Land and the politics surrounding the three faiths that abide in Jerusalem -- jump at that chance -- you won't be either bored or disappointed -- I promise.

On the drive back to my office -- I just could not resist taking a few pictures of the houses in the Heritage Hills neighborhood, just west of downtown. This very posh area consists of homes built around 1900 -- many of the them have amazing 'old world' features:

Wrought iron fences and white columns - - -

Fancy work around the doors and windows -- I have no idea why -- but, it's sure impressive !

And, just look at the size of this house - - - -

I know these houses are lovely and all that - - - but, when I looked at them on a cold blustery day -- all I could think of was --

I'm glad I don't have their heating bills !!!