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Monday, February 11, 2008

Keeping busy . . . .

Our youngest grandchild, 7 week old Laney, is very sick and currently in the hospital. She improves every day but until she's well and home again Big Brother Joe needs lots of love and attention.
Sunday, Joe and I spent the day together. We did some coloring while MoMo did some sewing. Joe loves using scissors -- and cutting out animals that MoMo has drawn will keep a little boy very busy.

Moving straight pins from one pin-cushion to another is very entertaining and takes a lot of time to do the job right.

At the end of the day, Joe and MoMo had created a new bag for toting around all those toys that little boys deem necessary. Joseph was a big help sewing this bag together, he used his little scissors to cut thread for MoMo -- and, his little 'monster truck' came in very handy to help guide the fabric through the sewing machine. Sorry there are no pictures -- it's hard to aim a camera with a 4-yr old on your lap while you are sewing. But, we had a great time and it took our minds away from missing Mommy/Daddy/Baby Laney and that was the goal for the day.