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Friday, February 15, 2008

Poodle Dogs, Red Balloons and the Power of Prayers

Look who came to see Baby Laney last night . . . .

Diego, the therapy dog - a large handsome standard poodle. This was just his second time visiting sick little ones -- but he was so well-mannered as he delivered a huge red heart-shaped balloon to our little girl. She loved watching the balloon bob around -- in fact, during her breathing treatment she couldn't take her eyes off of that shiny red heart.

I don't normally post pictures of faces of my family -- it's a privacy issue with me -- but, I don't think my daughter will mind me posting this picture of our dear 'Little Chicken' taken last night. As you can see, she's feeling much better and even smiling up at her Mama. Hopefully, Laney will be released either this evening or tomorrow morning.

Again, I can't begin to thank everyone enough for all the prayers/cards/phone calls concerning Laney. They have kept us going these past days and we so appreciate them. We also thank God for miracles large and small. As Joe-Joe would say "God is Awesome' !!