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Monday, February 4, 2008

Splash of color

Winter can be a mono-tone season.
Except for the holidays, which are filled with lights and lots of red & green -- for the most part, winter is the 'plain' season. The grass and trees are shades of brown and gold. And, even when Mother Nature decorates this time of year -- it's with a scattering of frost or a blanket of snow -- shades of white.
With that in mind, I gave my Mom an amarylis for Christmas and on my visit this past weekend I saw the blooms from that one bulb, potted on Christmas Eve.
This was the largest of the three blooms --
this picture does not even begin to capture the vivid orange/red. There are at least two more buds on this stem with 2 more stems reaching for the sun. Mom and my sister will have large colorful blooms to enjoy through the month of February.
I think next year I'll give myself the gift of a 'splash of color' and enjoy it in those dull winter days.