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Friday, February 1, 2008

What a difference a day makes . . . .

Yesterday -- we started the day off with cold rain which changed over to blowing snow by mid-morning. Some areas of the state had 8+ inches, some had just 1-3 inches. It was pretty on the grass, trees and shrubs -- but, not much fun to drive in after melting and then re-freezing. By late afternoon the temp in OKC was 25 degrees with a wind child of 5 degrees.

This morning we started out with a low of 12 degrees (wind child of -2 degrees -- brrrrrrrrrrrr was the operative word on the morning dash to retrieve the paper!!). By noon our temps were in the mid-40's with lots of sun !!
What can I say ??
Weather comes at you fast and furious here in the Sooner State. I'm just very thankful that most of our weather 'blows' by on it's way to another region of the nation. At least it's very dull living here on the Southern Plains !