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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The warmth of prayers

My first large knitting project was a very simple multi-color shawl. It was made a few years ago during a long cold winter -- I would work on it in the evenings, adding a few rows of blue yarn, a row or two of some multi-color yarn and then a few more rows of purple -- and before i knew it -- it was real shawl.
Since then I've made many shawls and donated most of them to the Prayer Shawl Ministry at our church. But, this first shawl I stored away. And, always in the back of my mind -- I thought it would be nice for this first prayer shawl of mine to go to someone in my own family -- it seemed fitting.
This past week the shawl came out of storage, it was fluffed up a bit, and became an official prayer shawl with a presentation card attached with a ribbon.

Today, my first prayer shawl is packed in a pretty bag and will be making a trip to the OU Medical Center -- to my Aunt Betty. Today she begins her fight with ovarian cancer and she can use all the help/support she can get with this battle.

Aunt Betty's prayer shawl has many knots in the fringe -- they are not mistakes -- you see, each knot represents a prayer said just for her --and, I'm sure many more knots/prayers will be added to her shawl in the coming days/weeks/months.

May the prayers in this shawl, wrap her in the warmth of our love and His.
Note: Many churches have Prayer Shawl Ministries all over the world.
For information on the history of The Prayer Shawl Ministry go to