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Monday, March 24, 2008

Creative & Festive

My Easter weekend was both creative and festive:
Saturday was the creation of a 'Patchwork Bag' -- made out of my first attempt at the Disappearing 9-Patch. Because I used so many fabric in the same style/size print the pieced quilt top just didn't work for me but I couldn't bear to throw it away.
I think all those flowers and bright colors that didn't work for a quilt turned out very nice as a bag for my Aunt Betty. I'm hoping this very loud & colorful bag will come in handy as she starts chemo treatment this month -- and just maybe those patchwork flowers will make her smile. Details: approx 14"x18" with 3.5" gusset and two inside pockets. Made large enough to carry magazines and books.

The festive part of the weekend was celebrating Easter with a very small hunt for eggs (only one grandchild available for the hunting this year). Some of the eggs were hard-boiled (colored by Papa Bill again this year) and some were plastic & filled with pennies/nickels/dimes enough to make a noisy rattle. Can you see the two eggs hiding in this picture ??

With her Papa Bill's help -- Janalyn found all the eggs hidden -- by the way, the money-eggs were almost as big a hit as all the candy she received !

Hope you Easter was very 'hoppy' !!!