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60-ish 'child of the prairie' who loves sewing, baking, knitting and most of all -- family & friends.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stitching - -of the knitting and quilting variety.

Last night the Stitcher Gals met and it was such fun -- lots of talking, stitching and laughter. And, some snacking too -- Nancy brought home-made (by her visiting NY sisters from last week) chocolates -- peanut butter and coconut chocolate covered bon-bons -- they were so good !!

Knitting: Jane's sister Ilo was visiting from Bartlesville and demonstrated how she knits a hat -- with assistance of a little helper - - - a pressing ham -- a very handy tip for sore hands/wrists.

Quilting: Nancy was sewing the binding down on her newest quilt -- don't you just love these colors.

I keep thinking that Nancy can't surprise me again -- but, then she creates something beautiful in an amazingly short time period and I'm simply blown away.

Another evening with my 'Stitching' Friends -- filled with fellowship and inspiration.