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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Make something simple and then cut it up . . . . .

Start with a something simple --- like a 9-Patch Block ---
this one is made up of some of the left-overs from Laney's Bag plus a few more cute girly prints.

Each square is 8 inches - block total is 22.5 inches. This block and three more 9-Patch Blocks were each cut into four pieces, creating even more blocks and then all those blocks are arranged into a quilt top - - - which is called a 'Disappearing 9-Patch'
At least that's what is supposed to happen. I had entirely too much fun playing with these blocks for over an hour last night last night as I watched American Idol. ( I know as an Okie, I should like the guy from Tulsa -- but, let's face it, he just too full of himself!!)
And, you can be sure this quilt top will probably under go some last minute 'tweaking' before it finally gets sewn into a daycare quilt for Laney. I know it sounds silly, all the cutting, sewing, cutting again and block arranging --
but it's all part of the creative process --
or at least that's what I keep telling myself !