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Monday, March 31, 2008

Trunk Treasures

Saturday morning, with a soft drizzle of rain coming down -- our local community center hosted a 'Trunk Sale'.
For $20 you could rent a parking space and sell 'stuff' out of your car or on small tables. A mini-flea market -- just my kind of thing -- to attend that is --

Even though there were only 10 vehicles -- it was such fun to do a little shopping and chatting. I am always amazed at the treasures I find -- although Willie Jay calls it ' more stuff ' ! Whatever it's called, I acquired so much 'stuff' that I bought a tote bag (a very good bargain at 50 cents) to carry all my stuff back to my vehicle!

All my stuff aka 'treasures' from the 'Trunk Sale' stored away safely in my trunk.

3 crafting books
1 pink rose decorated china plate
2 paperback books -- Nora Roberts for me and Dr. Phil for Willie Jay
1 pair hand-made earrings
2 tag-less Beanie Babies -- armadillo for Joe and a yellow/red puppy for Laney
2 expanding paper files for storing my sewing patterns

All in all -- a nice morning's work.