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Friday, April 11, 2008

Actual Knitting Content !!

This week has been a long one, filled with rain and wind.
And, not much 'creating' has been going on at our house -- no sewing or knitting and certainly no baking. But, last night -- while watching 'This Old House' -- I did manage to finish another Prayer Shawl.

Details: My basic 'Dishcloth' Shawl pattern using size 11 circular needles. Approx width is 60 inches + a 5 inch fringe.

Yarn: mainly Lion Brand Homespun in red (I think the name was 'Chili Red'), Cascade 220 in purple, and assorted fancy yarns in multi colors and textures. I love making these shawls because it is just straight knitting with a yarn-over at the beginning of each row -- mindless and relaxing. Also, throwing in different yarns helps keeps it an interesting knit. This is an easy project to pick up and knit a row or two -- and before you know it -- you have a shawl !

By the way, I did not realize how difficult it was to photograph a red shawl at 9:30pm in my living room with two cats 'supervising' !!

And, is it just me or do you think in the above picture, the shawl looks a little like a bird ?? !!