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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rainy days and an unexpected visitor

It's that time of year here in Oklahoma -- time for the spring rains -- or, as my Daddy used to call them -- a "gully-washer"! The rain came down in torrents and filled the storm drains and the streets curb to curb. This is a picture of my commute yesterday evening.

We will miss this lovely rain come late July when we won't have cloud in sky. But, for now we will all try to dry out and get on with life. Speaking of drying out -- here's a picture of a very damp bird in front of my office this morning. Can you guess what bird this is ??
He really isn't in the best pose to identify him -- his tail isn't straight out and his topknot is standing up.
My friend Linda will laugh when she reads this --
The bird is a Road Runner !!!
Right here in OKC.
You just never know what the rain will bring, do you ?? !!