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Friday, April 18, 2008

@##$#%^&^$$^&&%$#$ ! ! !

Our office has not been a fun place this week --
I'm pretty sure this is a Monday -- disguised as a Friday --
for that matter -- yesterday was also another Monday disguised as Thursday. Some-thing is doing this to confuse us and our 'router'.
This morning the 'router' is still not talking to any of our computers. We think someone might of upset it with some tacky off-hand remark about upgrading to a new router -- or perhaps a legion of gremlins is coming in at night to play with our entire system. And, after fighting the problem for a couple of days -- either is a possibility as far as I'm concerned.
Whatever the problem -- the news is that the magical (and mythical) IT Warriors are on their way with a new/improved 'router' --
but, until they arrive to save the day --
it's back to the dark-ages and the fax machine.
Thank God the coffeepot is still working -- at least until the gremlins get into the electric lines.