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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Knitting - something simple

I've discovered something over the past few days.
Drugs and knitting do not mix.
Seriously -- it's almost comical trying to get my brain to wrap itself around a new shawl pattern. This pattern (from Cosmic Pluto via the Ravelry* website) certainly looked like a simple knit -- just straight knitting with a few YO's thrown in for prettiness and increasingness (is that even a word ? - - you see, it's the drugs again! )

A couple of nights ago, I cast on and after 4 attempts in which I couldn't even get beyond the 3rd row -- the knitting mess was thrown across the room -- scaring the cats -- and annoying the Hubby. At that point I've decided until the drugs are done with and out of my system -- something simple to knit was needed. Because I couldn't not knit -- that would not do at all ! A dig through one of my knitting bags produced just what I needed --
A Log Cabin Blankie.
Details: Size 9 circular needles -- assorted 'Vanna White' yarns.
Started for baby Laney almost a year ago. It's perfect for my drugged brain -- no counting to speak of -- just knitting for a few rows, casting off, picking up stitches and then repeating the whole process --the hardest part of this pattern is picking out the colors !
Now, I'm a 'happy (but, still drugged) knitter' !!

* Note: Beware of this website -- is very addictive -- but that's for another post.