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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A little space to 'create' . . . . .

Willie Jay and I live in a very small house -- really just a little cottage with a living room/dining room/kitchen in one area, two baths and three small bedrooms. In one of those bedrooms I have a little corner just for me -- it's my favorite place in the whole house -- except for my bed on those mornings when I can sleep late! I love having my sewing/knitting 'stuff' all around me -- just looking around my little space makes me think of projects I want to start --and hopefully finish in a timely manner. If I ever need inspiration -- my bulletin board is overflowing with ideas and dreams -- and, my collection of circular needles -- how in the heck do you store those things anyway ??

I try to keep my things neat and tidy -- and, my little corner may be a bit messy -- but, I do like having my 'stuff' all out there and ready to go.

All of my 'stuff' is on the east side of this little room -- because you see, I share this room with Hubby and the other side is his 'space' to 'create'. Here's a bit of his 'inspiration - - - -
And, his means to create - - - music (playing along with his beloved Jazz Artists).

We have shared this room for almost 4 years now and it's works very well. And, I'm always thankful that we seem have the urge to 'create' at different times !!