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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Color

This time of year -- A tree has some of the prettiest colors of Spring here in Oklahoma --
Covered in tiny red-pink blooms -- these little trees put on quite a show this time of year. And, here in the City, they are used in commercial landscaping -- which means just driving this time of year is a colorful show. Over the next few days, as the blooms fade, their colors change from a bright red-pink to a lovely faded mauvey-pink -- and, when the blooms are gone, heart-shaped leaves appear.
In the fall, those same leaves turn red/brown and the seed pods are a dark red. The winter-bare trees, with their graceful shapes, look beautiful against snow-covered ground. This is a tree that is a pleasure to the on-looker all year round.

and, it's our State Tree --
the Red Bud.