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Friday, April 25, 2008

Enjoying the weekend

The weekend is upon us and the Hubby and I have lots of chores/errands on our list.
Of course, there's always the run to WalMart for next week's necessities (and, some things that aren't necessary but wind up on our basket anyway).
Then there's the yard work which will be a regular chore from now until this fall. And, there is the house cleaning - vacumning/dusting - laundry (how can two people create this much dirty laundry?), and all that general straightening and setting things in their rightful place again.
There will also be some fun things too. Maybe another 'Garage Sale' adventure for with Joe and his Mama -- a little sewing or knitting -- trying out a new soup recipe.
And, there might even be a movie rental thrown into the mix.
But, sometime in the next two days there's one thing I do know I will make time for -- reading.
Because, you see, I happen to have these three books just waiting in the basket beside my bed. They have all come highly recommended -- in fact, one book -- the 'Knitting Club' -- traveled all the way from Oregon for me to enjoy (Thank you very much - Linda!)
Looking forward to the weekend --
with it's chores/errands, adventures and books --
it's all good.
Have a good weekend doing the things you enjoy !