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Friday, May 2, 2008

Oops, I did it again --- but, I had a really good reason !

More sewing on things that aren't in my 'WIP' line up -- but, in all fairness I really needed to make a 'pro-type' of something I couldn't find a pattern for on the Internet (I know it's crazy -- but, you try typing in 'cord cover' into Google and see what you get -- let me tell you -- it's not pretty !)

Now back to the 'cord covers' : Personally, I've always thought they were a neat and sensible way to disguise those dangling lamp cords; and, when my daughter, Jessika, mentioned that she wouldn't mind having a few for Mother's Day -- the creative wheels began turning -- besides it was a good excuse not to finish one of the existing projects that are beginning to pile up.

The pro-type: Across the width (45") I cut 2 strips, 4 inches wide. Placing right sides together (length-wise), I sewed them together using a 1/4 inch seam -- fold this long strip in half length-wise and sew a seam (1/4 inch) up the total length to make a fabric tube. Turn the entire tube right-side out -- thread a cord through and you have a handy-dandy 'cord cover' -- see below.

I think because of the fabric choice -- this particular 'pro-type' cord cover looks a little like a section of small intestine -- but, maybe that's just me and my weird sense of humor !!

Whatever (Hubby truly hates that term -- but, I love it !) -- the cord cover made the trip north to my daughter's home -- we tried it out with one of her lamp cords and it looks very stylish and decorator-ish. The only modification to the 'pro-type', will be to use three 4" strips of fabric for the cord cover -- which should make it even more gathered/ruffle-y.

Jessika and I can see all sorts of possibilities for these cord covers and of course, we now have to make many -- in various colors/prints for our homes -- and beyond !!