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Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm really tired of 'corn flakes'

Over a year ago, as I began this 'blogging' adventure -- there were two things I vowed I would never mention in my posts: religion and politics.
I have strongly held beliefs on both topics -- but, they are my beliefs -- and, I'm positive your own beliefs are just as strong. With that in mind, my little blog was not conceived to be a forum for religion or politics -- I just wanted a place to chat about about life on the Southern Plains -- being a Daughter / Sister / Wife / Mom / Grandmother and the creative jumble that fills my life.
But, after two years of constant political ads -- debates -- sound bites -- campaigning craziness --
I think it's time to dabble a bit in politics (You will notice that I'm leaving religion alone - even though I could go on and on about a certain Minister who firmly believes he is '(W)right' to spout hatred from the pulpit -- but I won't go there).
The picture below reflects my opinion of our political process as it stands right now - - -

Wonder if the ballots in November with have a box labeled: