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Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Postcard IV :: Traveling

Two of the OKC grandbabes, their Mommy - (Laney, Joe and Jessika) and I traveled north for a visit with the KC branch of our family tree - (Uncle James, Aunt Emily and the KC girls: Sophia, Phoebe and Chloe).
Cousins played -- meals were shared-- and, memories were made -- We had a great time.

Here's Uncle James and Joe reviewing the finer points of a correct baseball swing as two of the KC girls waited their turn.
Our oldest grandchild, Sophia, demostrating the proper way to pick tomatoes for dinner.

All of us discovering that dinosaurs were roaming around at the Legends Mall in Kansas City.
Those large prehistoric critters were everywhere -- from the fountains --

to the dining rooms -- and, we were all suitably impressed.

But the biggest surprise was just how much the grandbabes loved cracking rocks (geodes to be exact) in the T-Rex Gift Shop.

Who knew that those dusty rocks could hold a beautiful treasure of sparkling crystals !!

Just goes to show that sometimes what is truly beautiful is on the inside.

A good lesson for us all !