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Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer Post Card V :: A packet from across the pond

Recently I entered my very first 'Swap' -- A Bookmark Swap, hosted by Ibby Quilts ( ). Our assignment included creating three bookmarks and mailing them, along with a book, to our swap partner. Because this was my first swap, and I wanted to do well, I was worried about getting my bookmarks finished and posted to my partner -- I had totally forgotten that I would be receiving a package too. And, when my package arrived with this postmark -- it was an exciting day at the Prairie Homestead !!

Royal Mail ---- from the UK ------ how cool is that !!

And, got even better when I opened the package ------

Such pretty bookmarks -- and all, already hard a work.
Top bookmark is holding my place in my current bedside reading - and doing a very nice job, too!
Middle bookmark is on display on my desk at work -- love those buttons!
The botton (and my favorite) bookmark is residing in my sewing corner as a flowery-stitched bit of inspiration for future projects I'm sure.

And, the book --- just take a peek inside 'Stuart Cookery' ::

A history of cookery in 17th Century England. On the pages of this book, you can see how very far we modern cooks have come since that time. There are recipes for Sylabub (a dessert made with wine and cream), Knot Biscuits (which by the way, look very tasty) and for Marmalade (made in very large quantities).

The Ingredients may have changed a lot and the cooking process has certainly improved with modern applicances -- but, in reading the personal notes and correspondence detailing the challenges of feeding a family and entertaining guests -- some things never change. This little book is a very nice addition to my cookbook collection.

And, all this 'Swap' goodness just for me, was made possible by Jenny ( and, I can't thank her enough for making my very first 'swap' experience outstanding !!