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Friday, September 19, 2008

Learning new things . . . .

Last Saturday -- my friend Jane & I attended a knitting class at the new yarn shop in town: Sealed With A Kiss-OKC. Very cute shop (love that bright green).

Lots and lots of lovely fiber to pet/fondle.
Friendly Staff. And, Laura -- the very patient knitting instructor.
Because you see it has to take huge amount of patience to teach this '50-Something', left-handed, dyslexic, grandmother how to knit 'short-rows' to form a round base for this knitting project.

I'm telling you - Laura deserves a raise. Because it took me 2 hours just to knit the base! Seriously people -- two hours!! Of course, when the base finally started taking shape (and I remembered to actually 'count' my rows - duh !) -- the instructions made perfect sense to me. And, after the base was completed, it was just a matter of stitching the ends together, picking up stitches and then knitting round and round for 20 or so rows (there's that silly counting thing again). Most of the knitting beyond the base was done at home and when I finally bound off the stitches, it was time for the fun part of this project.

My little project took a little turn in my washing machine (hot water cycle on lowest water level setting) in a zippered pillow case (and two tennis balls). After the felting process was to my liking - it was rinsed in cold water, rolled in a towel to squeeze out the excess water and stretched over a 'form' to dry for a few days. Who knew that Corning Ware could be an important knitting tool ?!
This is my finished project -- a small felted bowl.

It is lumpy and a bit bumpy in spots.
But, I love it !And, I've already cast on for another bowl.
See, you are never too old to learn new things -- like counting !