Mustang, Oklahoma, United States
60-ish 'child of the prairie' who loves sewing, baking, knitting and most of all -- family & friends.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Comfy Day/Evening

It's 8:36 in the morning and our 'wallpack' lights are still burning bright on the buildings. It's dark, wet, and chilly out there today. A day that makes you think of soup simmering on the stovetop, of spending the day in your pajamas knitting as you watch old movies. A day spent in a comfy place -- sort of like this little nook that my oldest cat, Muffin, enjoys on days like these.
I just wish it could be a comfy day for me --- but, it can't today --- so, I'll make the best of the day with my spreadsheets, contracts, and phone calls/emails. And, when the work day is done -- and, dinner is prepared and things are tidied up -- there will be a little sewing and/or knitting enjoyment to be had -- in my pajamas, of course.