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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jane's Pretty Hat

Last night at 'Stitchers' we all admired Jane's latest creation -- a beautiful hat for her sister. It has a very nice lace edge - - - -

and an amazing swirly crown - - -

I simply cannot imagine knitting something like this -- with those dreaded 'double-pointed needles of doom'. And, I do admire Jane for sticking with this pattern even though she claims to have knitted and ripped out far too many times to count. She's very proud of this hat and we are even prouder of her !!!

Note: Although we are happy for Jane with the completion of her hat -- we aren't that happy about the reason for her hat. You see, her sister is battling breast cancer and this will be one of many 'Chemo Hats' she will be wearing in the coming months. We send prayers/good thoughts to Ilo (and her family) and she will be the most stylish patient in the treatment center.