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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trees of a different color . . . . .

As I wrote yesterday -- all Christmas Trees are beautiful.
Some are just beautiful in their own way.
Take for instance these - - - -

  • On the left -- you have the bright orange trees for the OSU Cowboys/Cowgirls.
  • In the center are the white trees for ----- well, I suppose anyone who wants a white tree. (It would look pretty with silver ornaments and white lights. Just not my taste.)
  • To the right of the white trees are the red trees for all those Boomer Sooner fans out there. (Go Big Red!!)
  • On the far right are the pink trees for all the 'girly girls' out there. (my KC girls would love one of those to decorate)
  • And, in the back, between the orange and white trees -- you can see just a bit of the black trees. Yep, you read that right -- Black Christmas Trees. (I'm not going to comment -- except to say that the store manager told me that they have sold out of the black trees for the past two years)

I guess this picture proves that it's all in your point of view on what defines a beautiful Christmas Tree - - - -