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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fiber Therapy

After all these pretties were tucked away for another year and the old year was winding down.

The New Year was suddenly here -- which meant I needed a new knitting project. Of course, I could have picked up any of a number of unfinished projects (both knitting and sewing) -- but, where's the fun in that !

Behold my first project of 2009 - - - a square afghan I'm knitting for me, myself, and I.

Simple stitches, chunky yarn and large needles. An almost mind-less project. I think I'll name it -- 'Blue Karma'. Whatever it's name -- it's certainly a very soothing project to knit. Just what I needed after all the rush and busy-ness of the holidays.

By the way - the 'fiber therapy' must be working and Hubby has noticed. Monday night I was close to running out of yarn and on Tuesday morning I had a call at work from Willie Jay. He was on the north side of the city and wanted to know if he should run by the yarn shop and pick up more yarn for me. Such a sweet man !!
James C. Brett, Marble Chunky (in a huge 200g skein)
Color: Sandpiper
Retails for $11.99.
Two strands of yarn worked on size 17 needles using a modified 'Dish Cloth' pattern