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Monday, January 5, 2009

I hereby resolve . . . . .

It's a brand new year -- and, although I don't normally do 'resolutions' at all -- this year, I'm making an exception. I promise to work on the following in 2009.
  1. I hereby resolve to remember and cherish all the people and things in my life that are good.
  2. I further resolve to make a concentrated effort to look at life from a 'glass half full' perspective and not dwell on the 'glass half empty' attitude that I seem to cling to far too often.

There, it's on record now --

And, I'll begin by being thankful for friendships and the many blessings they have brought into my life. This pretty note pad says it all --

Thank you LB, my Oregon Sister, for all the little things your friendship has given me -- they are worth more than words can ever say.