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Friday, January 30, 2009


Over the past week or so -- I've been straightening up & sorting things out in my little sewing corner. With all the sewing/crafting going on right up until Christmas -- things had gotten way out of hand. The first task was to sort through my fabric scraps. This took some time and floor space.
And, yes -- that is a full set of drums in the picture. Doesn't everyone share their sewing/crafting space with a set of drums ??!! You do if you live with a former jazz drummer -- that would be Willie Jay. And, besides the grandbabes love to dance around when Papa is playing.

After all the scraps were sorted by color, print or theme -- they were stored in large zip-lock bags. And, all those bags were then stored in the closet in this very handy 'multi-tasking' tote. A Christmas gift from Ikea -- really it's a garden tote, in fact you can even use it as a planter according to the tag. But, I really think it's a 'sewing/crafting/knitting' tote. Of course, that's totally my own opinion.

Just wish there was an Ikea store here in OKC -- I need a couple more of these bags !!